Thursday, April 7, 2011

Modern Japanese Tea House - Sheet Metal Architecture in Japan

Stop in for a spot of tea at this sheet metal house, a modern Japanese Tea House located in Osaka, Japan. And if tea isn’t your thing, then you can just sit back and appreciate this modern work of architecture. Designed by forward-thinking Ks Architects lead by architect Hiroaki Kimura, this metal tea house is an industrial-style gem set amidst the serenity of trees and ponds. The juxtaposition of these polar opposites creates an interesting introduction into this unusual home. But somehow, the simple steel sheets that characterize this contemporary house really work. The fold-over roof overhangs floor-to-ceiling windows flanking the front of the house, creating a sheltered area with just enough room to kneel and sip traditional Japanese teas while taking in the calm surroundings.

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